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Top 10 Questions to Ask When You Are
Evaluating Managed IT Service Providers.

It can be hard evaluating Managed IT Service Providers.  Many MSPs sound exactly the same.  Visit many MSPs’ websites and you will see the same laundry list of technologies that they support.  But it turns out MSPs are very different when you look under the covers.  Service offerings, skill levels, depth of resources, IT management operational maturity, self-healing technology, security expertise, cloud offerings are some of the ways MSPs are different.  Here are 10 questions to help you evaluate an MSP.


  1. How many Managed Services customers do you have in total?
  2. How many people are on your service delivery team?
  3. How many end points do you manage?
  4. How do you help customers save money and lower IT costs?
  5. How do you help customers identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before problems occur?
  6. What services are included in your managed service offerings for outsourcing and augmentation?
  7. What security services do you include in your Managed Services offering?
  8. What’s different or unique about your systems management approach that leads to higher uptime and lower costs?
  9. How do you ensure that technicians are knowledgeable about each customer environment so customers don’t have to waste time providing background information on every call?
  10. What is the number of daily incidents resolved automatically by proprietary automation?