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Outsourcing Your Mobile Device Management to Logically.

Mobile device use has exploded over the past few years, but many organizations don’t have any way to effectively manage and secure their use. What happens if a phone is lost or stolen? What happens when one of your employees leaves your company and takes their phone, which contains critical confidential information? Mobile Device Management (MDM), allows us to “reach out and touch” mobile devices in a powerful way. We can remotely push or remove software, change security settings, remove data, or completely remove all data and configuration from a device.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management 

  • Speeds up onboarding and off boarding of employees
  • Ensures confidential data isn’t compromised because of an errant device
  • Enforces security policies and standards
  • Pushes/pulls software and applies updates
  • Quickly restores configurations to malfunctioning devices