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Lenovo Device as a Service (DaaS)

In terms of ever-changing technology and user expectations, DaaS enables businesses to operate with greater agility. It also helps increase productivity by equipping employees with the latest devices, keeping them supported, and allowing IT to focus on more strategic matters. Using outdated technology can impact employee effectiveness more than you think. Lenovo DaaS is a cost-effective solution for using the latest technology in the Modern IT era.

What is Lenovo DaaS?

Lenovo DaaS is a fully managed model that combines hardware, services, and software into a single, configurable solution with a predictable, affordable periodic fee. Select from tiered pricing models of popular, high-performing devices to optimize your workforce.

Lenovo DaaS combines devices and services, giving you greater flexibility. Logically works with Lenovo and Intel to provide this solution exclusively to our Managed Services clients.

The Lenovo DaaS Model

  • No significant set up fees up front
  • Custom combine hardware, software, services included in one monthly invoice from Lenovo Financial Services
  • Hardware is not owned by client and refreshed at industry best-practices schedule
  • Flex up or down on fleet
  • All enterprise-facing services under one contract, with a single point of accountability
  • Set refresh cycle that includes imaging and taking back equipment while securely wiping data

Benefits of Lenovo DaaS

Lenovo DaaS allows you to free up cash flow while eliminating the pain of replacing old equipment. You’ll have access to the latest technology solutions, reduce downtime associated with outdated equipment, and give your employees secure devices that are running on the latest operating system. All devices are disposed of in a secure and compliant manner, giving you peace of mind that your data and devices are safely removed.

Discover the benefits of Lenovo DaaS