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Looking to Enhance Your IT Capabilities While Keeping Costs Low?

Organizations need to up their IT game for all sort of reasons. Company growth, desire to eliminate a single point of IT failure, the need to access more sophisticated technologies, competitive pressures, and the desire to reduce security risks are common reasons companies make the move to Managed IT Services. LogicBase is for organizations that have outgrown their old way of managing IT and are looking to get more out of their IT investment.

Increase access and support for the technologies that matter

As your company grows and technology evolves, new opportunities to increase revenue, decrease costs, improve productivity and increase competitiveness emerge.

Improve uptime

IT downtime destroys productivity, creates poor customer experiences, and loses revenue.  LogicBase provide the tools, experts and automation - including the OpLogic Intelligent MSP platform  -  to maximize uptime.

Non-stop monitoring and alerting

Non-stop monitoring of your IT environment ensures problems will be detected quickly.  Breathe easy knowing that our team of experts will identify and alert you when problems occur.  Leveraging the real-time and predictive failure monitoring capabilities of OpLogic, nothing falls through the cracks.

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Eliminate a single point of failure

Many organizations under 50 employees are at risk of an IT meltdown.  They often rely on an “IT guy” or a team member “that has some IT skills” to keep their systems up and running.  LogicBase eliminates a single point of failure and replaces it with peace of mind.

Reduce security risks

Are you one of the 61% of small and midsize businesses that experienced a security attack last year?  LogicBase provides managed security services and automated patch management that will help keep you safe.

Getting what you need is easy with our Managed Services packages.


For organizations that have outgrown their old way of managing IT and are looking to get more out of their IT investment.


For organizations wanting end-to-end Managed IT Services with high uptime and top-notch security & risk protection.

OpLogic Intelligent MSP Platform
Remote Monitoring and Alerting
Remote Patch Management and Remediation
Drive Space Performance Optimization
Management Portal and Managed Service Reports
Software and Hardware Lifecycle Management
Asset Management
Managed Security Services
Remote Helpdesk
Unlimited Remote Incident Remediation*
Performance Monitoring
Unlimited On-Site Incident Remediation*