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Logically Takes Care of Your IT,
So You Can Take Care of Business. 

Imagine what it would be like to instantly have a world-class IT team working for you with predictable costs.  That’s what you get with Logically.  Instantly gain access to the technology that can increase revenue, decrease costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences - along with the experts to manage it and keep your data secure and protected.

No IT team, little team, big team – we’ve got your back

Whether you outsource your entire IT function, or need more expert hands and tools to support your existing team, we can help.

  • Outsourcing Solutions – for organizations that want to focus on their core competencies and leave IT to the experts
  • Augmentation Solutions – for organizations that rely on an internal IT team but want to strengthen their capabilities with additional world-class IT management tools and expertise

Outsourcing managed services 

We offer three core outsourcing packages.  Each package can be customized to fit you like a glove.

  • LogicBase – For organizations that are looking to enhance their IT capabilities while keeping costs low
  • LogicCare – For organizations that can’t afford downtime and security issues
  • LogicCare+ – For organizations that have significant uptime requirements and want a complete turnkey solution

Augmentation managed services

Our augmentation packages come in two flavors.  Like our outsourcing packages, we can tailor our augmentation packages just the way you like it.

  • LogicBaseIT – For organizations with IT teams that want tools and expertise to accelerate IT Service Management maturity and reduce security risks
  • LogicCareIT – For organizations with complex IT and high uptime requirements that need affordable access to networking, cloud and security experts and IT management automation.

Getting what you need is easy with our managed service packages

Pick one, then let’s get this party started!

For organizations that have outgrown their old way of managing IT and are looking to get more out of their IT investment.
For organizations wanting end-to-end Managed IT Services with high uptime, and top-notch security & risk protection.
For teams ready to take their Managed IT Services to the next level and get the highest level of support including "hardware as a service".
OpLogic Intelligent MSP Platform
Remote Monitoring, and Alerting
Automated Password Reset
Remote Patch Management & Remediation
Drive Space Performance Optimization
Management Portal and Managed Service Reports
Software and Hardware Lifecycle Management
Asset Management
Managed Security Services - Base
Managed Security Services - Enhanced
Incident Remediation
Performance Monitoring
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Data Protection – Backup
Remote Helpdesk
Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Pick one, then let’s get this party started!

For internal IT teams that want to augment expertise, strengthen security & enhance systems management tools.
Our highest level of support for IT teams with demanding infrastructure, security, performance & uptime needs.
OpLogic Intelligent MSP Platform
IT Service Management (RMM & PSA) Portals
Asset Management
Managed Security Services – Base
Managed Security Services – Advanced
Remote Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Remote Patch Management & Remediation
Drive Space Performance Optimization
Infrastructure Systems Remediation