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Intelligent MSP Platform

OpLogic is the first and only self-healing Intelligent MSP Platform for small and midsize businesses that proactively identifies & addresses IT issues before they become problems.  OpLogic is a cloud software platform that integrates, automates, and orchestrates IT management. OpLogic, available exclusively from Logically, serves as “mission control” for all of our managed IT customers and ensures the most reliable, effective and personalized service delivery in the industry.

Mike:   Hi, I'm Mike Matchett of Small World Big Data, and I'm here talking with Jeremy Kurth, the CTO of Logically. Hi, Jeremy.
Jeremy:     Hi, Mike.
Mike:    One of the questions that's come up is, to dive a little bit into more detail about your OpLogic platform. Can you just quickly tell me, what is OpLogic, and how it came about, uh, and- and why- why it helps you work with your clients?
Jeremy:    Yeah, it ... I absolutely ... It's really, um ... it's, uh, something that, you know, we've been so close and intimate with for the past 12 plus years as we've developed, so I- I- I struggle, um, pulling myself, you know, uh, out of the details but in- in summary, OpLogic is a, is a software platform that we have written and developed, um, specifically for managed services, and it, and it integrates, automates and really orchestrates our entire IT, uh, management, and our IT delivery to the customer. And, um, what that does for our clients on the whole, is it increases the performance of- of the services that we deliver to them.
Mike:    Okay.
Jeremy:    Uh, it drastically reduces their risk, um,-
Mike:   Yeah.
Jeremy:    ... whether it be security-related or asset management-related, um, and it, and it really ensures, uh, that the- the services that we're, you know, delivering to them are- are done well, at a, at a very high level. Um, and we- we- we developed this- this platform early on, when we realized and recognized that these gaps that exist, uh, in the market, Mike. And- and, um, oftentimes, the- the client's unaware, and- and the managed service provider's unaware, that these blind spots exist. And that's exactly what OpLogic, um, uh, fixes for us.
Mike:    Was built to do. And, you know, technology's continuing to evolve, so this is not like a one time build, right? This is something you have to keep working on, and- and learning-
Jeremy:    Yeah.
Mike:     ... new best practice, and putting in there, right? So you've got-
Jeremy:   Every day. Every day.
Mike:    Yeah, yeah.
Jeremy:    Yeah, we- we've got a team of developers, um,-
Mike:   Yeah.
Jeremy:  ... that are constantly expanding. For example, one of the pieces is an exception tool, and that exception tool, we manage our, you know, uh, tens of thousands of end points, producing tens of thousands of logs every single day, and so, um, we built a- a very unique, very best in class tool that just spots exceptions, uh, in our services, and in our customers' needs. And that tool is- is constantly, um, being added to, uh, updated, improved and fixed. So it's- it's a really exceptional, um, thing to see.
Mike:     Right, so you've ... you're automating this coverage so that things don't get dropped. I assume that's things like asset management, and make sure patches are applied, and, uh, you- you know ... if new devices show up,-
Jeremy:     Yeah.
Mike:    ... does this, does this catch that? Yeah?
Jeremy:   Absolutely. And, you know, we- we ... At the end of the day, a majority of, uh, the services and configurations and setups, uh, we're relying on our engineers, um, and IT administrators, or even sometimes in- in ... when we're partnering with, um, an internal IT department, um, their people. And, um, people make mistakes, and- and oftentimes it can be the- the customer, the end user, our staff ...
Jeremy:   This tool really keeps us all, um ... It holds us accountable. (laughs) There's- there's no room to hide. Uh, it exposes all of those, um, those weak spots and/or pain points, uh, and closes the gap. And- and our customers as a result, they- they get a- a better experience, um ... Again, it reduces their risk in terms of knowing that those systems exist, and there's ... We- we deploy antivirus, and make sure that they're patched and protected, at a much quicker rate than we could otherwise.
Mike:     And, you know, I know talking with other people who have been unsatisfied with their MSP experience, uh, they've engaged with an MSP, they've gone away. Six months later, they- they look around, and they discover that things just weren't done or- or covered,-
Jeremy:    Right.
Mike:   ... and there's a lot finger pointing.
Jeremy:    Yeah.
Mike:    So I'm assuming that OpLogic here is really giving that transparency now back to the client, so they come and and say, "What service am I getting? What am I actually ... Am I getting what I'm paying for, uh, and- and am I getting the performance on the delivery of my ... on my MSP contract?"
Jeremy:     Uh, 100%, Mike.
Mike:   Yeah.
Jeremy:   I think one of the biggest, um, challenges in our space, uh, that our customers oftentimes aren't even aware of, is that, um, managed service providers oftentimes don't know what they don't know. Um, and the tools are ... While they're great, and these are some best in class products, um, there's- there's gaps in quite a few of them, and OpLogic, um ... Over the years, uh, we've- we've kind of, uh, either tripped ourselves up and identified and found those gaps ourselves,-
Jeremy:    ... or, you know, sharing stories with other MSPs and business owners, have- have identified them, um, and with- with that, built those into this OpLogic pro-, uh, product. It's- it's our Big Brother, if you will, to- to watch over all of us, um, and ensures our customers and our team, um, that, uh, that we're doing, that we're doing what- what, uh, what we say we're going to do.
Mike:   Ah, that's great. Uh, and I can't think that there's a better way to approach things and to automate it, apply it, embed intelligence, uh, you know, make it smart, uh, and then actually hold everything secure as well, and- and-
Jeremy:   Exactly.
Mike:   ... not- not drop anything, yeah. Uh, awesome. Uh, any- any- anything else you want to say about OpLogic here?
Jeremy:    No, I just ... I think it's, um, uh, it's been an amazing, uh, adventure so far, and I'm very, uh, excited for the technology road map coming up for the next 12 to 24 months. It's going to be pretty transformational.
Mike:  Yeah, and I can't wait to talk to you about some of those things, uh, uh, in- in a public format. Uh, but thank you for being here today, Jeremy.
Jeremy:    Absolutely. Thank you, Mike.
Mike:   And thanks for, uh, this little segment on OpLogic. We're going to dive in with Jeremy on some of the other particular MSP services they offer in some other segments, so stay tuned.