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SecureCare Solution Brief

24/7 Cyber Security Protection – With SecureCare

SecureCare is Logically’s managed security service designed for organizations that don’t have an in-house security specialist team. We enable small and midsize organizations to costeffectively access best-in-class security solutions previously available only to large enterprises with in-house IT security teams. SecureCare provides strong 24/7 protection against modern and rapidly changing security threats. Unlike traditional antivirus software that works only against known attacks, SecureCare’s advanced endpoint detection and response protects against zero-day attacks and the millions of malware variations created every week. It also can remediate and rollback changes to systems and files when problems occur.

SecureCare leverages best-in-class industry security solutions and can be purchased as a stand-alone managed security service or as part of a complete IT managed services package.

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