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OpLogic Solution Brief

Information Technology (IT) has driven one of the most significant transformations in the way the we work in the past century. However, as new technologies emerge, complexity increases, causing benefits to remain out of reach or become more and more challenging to attain. While all organizations face these IT challenges, small to midsized organizations are at a disadvantage. They typically don’t have the resources of a large enterprise that employs massive IT teams to address challenges thoroughly. That’s where OpLogic comes in. OpLogic levels the playing field by automating critical IT management.

OpLogic is a self-healing Intelligent MSP platform for small and midsize businesses that stops problems before they stop you. OpLogic is a cloud-based automation tool that allows your IT environment to self-heal, increasing uptime and reducing security risks. OpLogic integrates, automates, and orchestrates IT management. Available exclusively from Logically, OpLogic serves as “mission control” for all our managed IT customers, and ensures the most reliable, effective, and personalized service delivery in the industry.

Key benefits of OpLogic include:

•       Optimized results with self-healing remediation
IT is critical to business performance. And when an IT incident occurs, it commonly creates a business performance problem. That’s why OpLogic includes a massive and continuously growing library of self-healing procedures that it detectsand automatically resolves. This means more uptime, less business disruption, and more productive users.

•       Reduced security and data loss risk
43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, yet only 14% say they are highly effective at mitigating risk. OpLogic reduces risk by auditing devices daily and automatically remediating issues to ensure they are patched, anti-virus is running, and that backups have completed successfully.

•       Ensures and audits service delivery
What if the services you rely on to protect your information systems stopped working? How do you know all your systems are being monitored, your data is being backed-up, your devices are being patched, and your end-users are protected from malware? OpLogic has you covered. It serves as “big-brother”, monitoring and ensuring every service is delivered every day to keep you protected.

•       Auto-provisioning
Any network is only as strong as the weakest link. If a new device comes on-line improperly configured, your business is at risk. OpLogic detects new devices on your network and auto-provisions services according to your organization’s unique standards.

•       Have it your way
No two businesses are the same. Only world-class MSPs can truly and reliably cater to individual company IT needs. OpLogic enables customized service delivery tuned to your environment and policies. With OpLogic, Logically tailors IT to the way YOU work.