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IT Security Solution Brief

Every industry and organization is faced with unique IT, security and compliance challenges. In addition, the need to protect data is now a critical regulatory requirement in many industries. Logically can survey your environment for compliance with common protocols, offering solutions as needed to meet required standards.

  • E-Assessment: Identifies network and control vulnerabilities and delivers recommendations for remediation.
  • Risk Assessment: Identifies what controls are in place, those that are not, and provides recommendations for remediation.
  • IT Security Audit: Identifies critical deficiencies and control weaknesses, verifies controls, and documents each step of the process to provide a clear audit trail for reporting.
  • Social Engineering: Applies real-world hacker tactics (like phishing, pretext calling and dumpster diving) to evaluate the human factor and identify security issues that need improvement.
  • Wireless Assessment: An on-site security assessment and penetration test are used to determine risks associated with the wireless network.
  • Security Training: To meet compliance requirements, increase security awareness among staff by leveraging customized training for your organization.
  • Penetration Testing: To evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures, internal and external penetration tests mimic real-world attacks using the tools and techniques employed by actual hackers.
  • Internal Audit as a Service: Evaluates internal vulnerabilities and coordinates with the management team to develop and implement tailored solutions.