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Helping You Prepare in the Face of Disaster

The Leadership Team and Governance Committee at Logically have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. Like you, we are deeply concerned about the health and well-being of our staff, our families, and fellow community members. 

Logically has always maintained a clear and simple objective guiding our decisions before and during this crisis, and that is to keep you and our employees safe. This has been at the center of our conversations as this outbreak has evolved. Here are some resources to help you stay secure, productive, and safe during this pandemic.

Wednesday Webinar Series

Logically has created a series of webinars designed to help you stay secure and productive in a COVID19 era and beyond. In this webinar series, we’ll cover best practices for working remotely, how to avoid phishing attacks, exploring the cloud-based collaboration application Microsoft Teams, and more. All webinars will be recorded.

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Carpe DIEM Webinar Series

Due to COVID19, Carpe DIEM is going virtual! This event series will be held in person in San Diego and Boston later this year. The Carpe DIEM Webinar Series will be held in June and July and offers valuable content on how to be compliant and secure within your organization. All webinars will be recorded.

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Case Study: Morgan Creek Capital Management

A long-time Logically client, Morgan Creek worked carefully to develop and test a Business Continuity plan to ensure Operations would continue to run smoothly in the face of disaster. This case study explores how the organization was able to move to a remote workforce quickly in the wake of COVID19.

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Case Study: Nuventra

Like most organizations, Nuventra could not afford any downtime or interruptions with their IT services. Logically worked with Nuventra to establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure their users could work anywhere in a secure manner. This case study explores some of the steps Nuventra took to build a secure network for their business.

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Business Continuity Whitepaper

When COVID19 hit, many organizations were not prepared to make their entire workforce remote. Building a Business Continuity plan is critical to ensuring your organization can operate anywhere no matter the situation. Natural disasters and pandemics can occur at any time. Will your business be able to continue operations in the face of the unknown?

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Six Reasons to Switch Whitepaper

Is your Managed Services Provider (MSP) delivering the value you expect? In the uncertainty of COVID19, you don’t want to worry about what your MSP is not doing to keep your organization operational and secure. This whitepaper explores six reasons to consider a new MSP.

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Cloud Assessment

As COVID19 hit, organizations scrambled to have employees work remotely to ensure business would continue without disruption. Having a strong cloud strategy in place ensures users can work from anywhere, anytime. Take the cloud assessment to find out if your organization is ready for the cloud.

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Cybersecurity Quiz

What does your organization’s security posture look like? Do you regularly train your employees on the policies and procedures in place? Do you have a good understanding of the devices that exist in your environment? Take the cybersecurity quiz to find out what areas of security your organization can improve to minimize your risk of a breach or attack.

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