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TRANCO Logistics Relies on Logically for Digital Transformation

About TRANCO Logistics 

TRANCO is headquartered in Chattanooga, TN – the “crossroads  of the South”, and is a growing, full service 3PL company offering supply chain solutions to businesses of all types; transportation, 3PL warehousing, distribution, supply chain management, freight management real estate and international services (including air and ocean freight brokering). They pride themselves on their customer service and using industry best practices to help clients save money and time. TRANCO’s warehouse space exceeds 2 million sq. ft. In addition, TRANCO has 140 trucks in its fleet and more than 415 trailers. TRANCO’s customers include Volkswagen 
(TRANCO is the dedicated carrier), GE, Shaw, Mohawk and Coca-Cola. Today, TRANCO has 200 drivers and 370 employees.
Twin brothers Bruce Trantham and Byron Trantham founded TRANCO Logistics in 1995 with one pledge - “We will do the job right...without compromise”. Over the years they have expanded their services to better accommodate the needs of their customers who they view as “partners”.

IT Challenge

Byron Trantham is CEO and has been working with Logically for the past seven years. Prior to that, TRANCO outsourced IT to one individual. TRANCO’s IT needs began small: they began with one computer. By 1999, the company started to branch out to support their brokerage business with VoIP and by the early 2000s they had about 6-7 computers. Today, TRANCO has grown to approximately 80 desks, four buildings and a satellite office in Atlanta along with operations inside Volkswagen. By next year, TRANCO will expandoffices to Chicago and Los Angeles, which the company will require Logically to connect.
Logically supports the various software that TRANCO needs to run its business. “Logicallly has gotten to know our systems – the transportation management software we use is supported by Logically. They know what to do to fix anything in our Transportation Management System (TMS) along with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) – an enterprise level software,” says Byron Trantham. Both systems require different connections to different customers.
Several years ago, Logically began working with TRANCO todevelop disaster recovery plans for the company so that both TRANCO and its customers would be protected with the most up-to-date processes and solutions, including firewall rules to protect their data Byron adds, “…these days, you hear a lot about companies being hacked, dealing with ransomware, phishing and all kinds of malware. I know that if Logically had not been part of our world we would not have been prepared. Logically’s proactive work was a very important preventative milestone.”
“Logically monitors our systems 24/7 and many times I don’t even know there was a problem until I come into work the next morning and see a resolved ticket.”


Logically supports TRANCO as their full-service Managed IT Service Provider, including Virtual CIO (vCIO) level strategic guidance. These services include 3 and 5 year planning, contract negotiations and completere commendations for IT solutions to support their specific industry.
As TRANCO’s trusted IT partner, Logically also provides support for their Transportation Management System (TMS ) and oversees all facets of their 100+ office employees’ IT requirements. In short, Logically is TRANCO’s full-service IT resource. “I am very comfortable with Logically’s work to manage our network and the costs associated with it,” says Byron. “They tell us what we need and when we need it. I know that Logically manages the technologies and the costs associated with keeping our business up and running. It may be a cliché, but the Logically team whole- heartedly looks at us as a partner – and I feel that they honestlysupport what our business needs to be current, and never try to offer us things that we don’t need. As we have expanded our business, Logically has continued to help us with our growth to continually keep us moving forward.” Looking ahead, Byron is working with Logically to develop increased levels of security standards for their remote employees, building on the foundation of Logically’s previous work.
“I can definitely sleep at night knowing that Logically is here for us.” adds Byron.