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From Startup to Global Leader, Logically Supports Stemedica with Managed Services

About Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc.

Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc. is a global biopharmaceutical company that manufactures best-in-class allogeneic adult stem cells. The company is a government licensed manufacturer of cGMP, clinical-grade stem cells used in US-based clinical trials for ischemic stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease. Stemedica’s cells are also used on a worldwide basis by research institutions and hospitals for preclinical and clinical (human) trials. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California and has a staff of fifty employees working in a Windows-based environment.

Marcie Frank is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Administration & Investor Relations and has been with Stemedica for close to fourteen years. She has worked with Logically since she began with the company, which was just a small startup when she first joined the team. Ms. Frank remarked that it has been “so wonderful” that Logically is able to maintain the same level of attention that had been necessary for them as a startup now that Stemedica has grown into a global company. “They have maintained attentive relationships with our executives while simultaneously keeping our day to day activities well-managed,” she said.

IT Challenge

Logically handles all of the Managed Services for Stemedica. With around fifty employees comprising just over seventy workstations, Logically works to maintain sixteen onsite servers with local and offsite backups, O365 implementation and support, and provides Disaster Recovery (DR), if needed. Ongoing server support and maintenance, including alerting, patching, monitoring, as well as Firewall and ISP management and monitoring is also provided.

“One of the greatest benefits of working with Logically is their extensive team of experts at our disposal. Whenever we have a technical issue, we are able to contact a Logically team member who specializes in that area, be it normal work hours or nights / weekends (as we have team members who travel extensively),” said Ms. Frank. “Instead of hiring one IT person in-house who might not have expertise in the areas of cabling, or phone systems, we have access to a host of IT pros who get us the attention we need very quickly.”

Logically truly proved their ability to adapt to change as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and much of Stemedica’s nonmanufacturing team was forced to work remotely for the first time. Logically worked with Stemedica to set up its employees with VPNs and show them how to access information securely from home computers. “A large portion of our employees were not set up to work remotely. Logically worked quickly to remedy that for us when shutdown happened, and thanks to them, our network access and ability to function “business as usual” didn’t skip a beat,” said Ms. Frank.