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Nuventra — Positioned for Continued Growth

About Nuventra

Nuventra, Inc., founded in 2008, is a pharmaceutical consulting organization providing expertise in clinical pharmacology, including PK/PD services leading to informed drug development. These capabilities provide an understanding of the body’s effect on a specific drug (pharmacodynamics or PK) and the drug’s effect on the body (pharmacodynamics or PD). Since its founding, Nuventra has grown exponentially, now with over 120 people on staff. In addition, the company has been listed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for six consecutive years ranking as North Carolina’s fourth-fastest health industry company. Nuventra has also received the Triangle Business Journal (North Carolina) Fast 50 award for four straight years. The company’s IT is headed by Michael Faas, Director of Information Technology, who has a 10-year association with Logically, both as an employee and now as a customer. “I have always considered Logically to be a trusted partner,” says Michael Faas. “They have always provided me with the information and guidance to help me succeed,” he added. Nuventra’s IT includes four sites: Durham, NC, Denver, CO, Philadelphia, PA and Boston, MA., and operates in a 99% Windows environment. Nuventra has all of their mission-critical services in the cloud, hosted by Logically, including end point and anti-virus protection, Windows monitoring and patching.

IT Challenge

Since Nuventra works with pharmaceutical firms, the company’s information and IT must be up and running 24/7, since all of their work goes through computers and their servers. One issue came up with their Virtual Private Network (VPN) that inhibited traffic – “Logically’s engineers jumped right onto it, “says Michael Faas. “They worked it out, fixed it, and we were up and running in a day.” Now, Nuventra is able to have all employees work remotely through a CISCO VPN that gives them access to their data center. Nuventra also uses Microsoft Teams and encourages all staff to work from home at least one day per week.  With regards to the security of the systems, Nuventra’s clients require a high level of security in order to do business with them. Logically has been instrumental in meeting these high-level requirements.

Going Forward

Michael Faas says that right now, the most significant push is to secure endpoints as employees travel and work remotely. Endpoint encryption and migration to a new anti-virus solution are on the radar. “We are constantly hiring more scientists and programmers and are keeping a supply of machines ready for them to come aboard,” he says. “Nuventra’s goal is to have 200 people by the end of the year – and we are still on track for that,” adds Michael Faas.