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Logically Supports Family-Owned Retailer’s Success for 20 Years

About The Furniture Gallery

The Furniture Gallery is a family-owned furniture and mattress store based in Bangor, Maine. The chain has 36 employees spread across four stores, and has recently expanded their offerings into dining, bedroom, and office equipment.

Jim Lyons is the owner and president of The Furniture Gallery, and has worked with Logically for the past 20 years. As a business owner, he appreciates Logically’s customer service and ability to handle issues seamlessly with minimal delay.

IT Challenge

When Lyons first started working at The Furniture Gallery in 2000, he noticed a problem. “When I first joined the company, our sales team was still using hand-written sales slips.” Lyons set out to update this outmoded practice by creating a point-of-sale system. To implement this new technology, he contacted Logically.

As the president of a company with multiple locations, Lyons has plenty on his plate. In addition to his four stores in Maine, he is planning to expand to new locations outside of the state. He says that Logically has allowed him to stop worrying about technical problems and focus on managing and growing his business. 

“I don’t know if we have a complicated system or not. I know if we call Logically, they fix whatever needs to be fixed. When it comes to any tech issue, I do not worry about any of it. They do everything to make sure our devices work properly, the connections work, and handle any problems that may arise.”

Logically’s approach has worked well for The Furniture Gallery, allowing them to grow and prosper.

“Our four stores are complete furniture stores. We really want these locations to continue running successfully and grow from here. Logically’s support will help us do that,” added Mr. Lyons.

Logically’s contributions include cloud hosting and VPN connectivity to all Furniture Gallery stores, remote helpdesk support, firewall support, and managing backups. “They do so much behind the scenes that we don’t even know about," said Lyons.