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Logically Provides Vann Attorneys with IT Support to Thwart Crises

About Vann Attorneys

Established in 1993, Vann Attorneys is a North Carolina-based law firm that specializes in the areas of commercial creditors’ rights and commercial collections, business disputes, and negotiations. The firm also represents clients in the areas of construction law, business law and planning, and civil litigation. Dedicated attorneys and staff work hard to build and maintain long-term personal relationships with their clients in order to provide quick, sound legal advice and representation for long-term planning. There are twelve employees at the firm working with a Windows-based environment.

Michael Fernald is the Systems Administrator and Director of Marketing at Vann Attorneys. Wearing two hats, he helps with day-to-day IT support as well as leading digital marketing efforts for the firm.

IT Challenge

In 2012, Vann Attorneys dealt with a total system crash that resulted in ongoing hardware issues, but fortunately there were no violations associated with this event. Logically was brought in to consult on the disaster recovery process and worked to construct temporary servers that got the firm back up and running. “It was clear that these guys really knew what they were doing from the get-go. I’d worked with other IT firms before and just because they say they are in IT doesn’t mean they can execute on major issues like this. With Logically, it was evident they had the knowledge to fix serious issues quickly and efficiently,” said Michael Fernald.

From that point on, Logically has been used by Vann Attorneys to handle complex IT problems outside the purview of Mr. Fernald’s role. “When we have planned software upgrades or large network updates, we have Logically stand by to either consult with us on the changes or implement them directly,” said Fernald. “Downtime is terrible for a law firm, and Logically ensures we experience as little of it as possible.”

Vann Attorneys faced another major challenge in late 2018, when a malicious virus began attacking the firm’s servers. Luckily, a series of alerts sounded the alarm, and Mr. Fernald understood what was happening very early. “We saw the virus was jumping from different workstations incredibly quickly, so time was of the essence to get this under control.” Logically’s upper management worked with Vann Attorneys to isolate and destroy the virus, eliminating the threat in just 48 hours. Mr. Fernald stated, “Without Logically’s help, there’s no possible way we would have been able to contain this virus so quickly. I know that to be true.” As a result of the virus, the firm had no violations whatsoever.

Recently, Logically helped Vann Attorneys upgrade their VPN by increasing licenses through a SonicWall firewall as well as upgrading their servers so that attorneys have the flexibility to work remotely if needed.