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Grove – Seamlessly Switching MSPs

About Grove

Grove is a digital-first brand advertising agency that focuses on bringing their clients great work at a great value. In business for 17 years, their IT is headed by Will MacNally, an agency partner. Grove has approximately 20 workstations, including both PC and MACS, and they license and use Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365. In 2019, Grove decided to switch Managed Service Providers to Logically after working with another firm for over 13 years. The main reason for the switch was for greater peace of mind. Although satisfied with their prior MSP, MacNally wanted more transparency in the relationship to quell the nagging pit in his stomach that would not go away. Since the agency’s biggest asset is all the digital design files they create daily for their clients, it is of the utmost importance to maintain and secure those files, making sure that all their digital work is stored, saved and properly backed up both onsite and off. In addition, they require 24/7 uptime to handle hundreds of client emails, calls, and online meetings every day, so a reliable IT provider was critically important to Grove’s business operations.

IT Challenge

“I’m an advertising guy, not an IT guy”, says Will MacNally. “It doesn’t make sense for me to hire an in-house IT resource, yet what we do for our clients requires consistency, security and a comfort level so that I know that everything is working correctly.” It is this “need to know things are working” mentality that makes IT transparency very important. “All of our work goes through our computers and our server,” MacNally says. “We absolutely need to make sure that all of our backups are properly functioning at all times,” he added. MacNally was very impressed with Oplogic, Logically’s award-winning monitoring technology. OpLogic is Logically's Intelligent MSP platform for small and midsize businesses that stops problems before they stop you. A cloud software platform, OpLogic integrates, automates, and orchestrates IT management. Available exclusively from Logically, Oplogic serves as “mission control” IT for customers and ensures the most reliable, effective and personalized service delivery in the industry.

With regards to the security of the system, many of Grove’s clients required a certain level of security in order to do business with them. Logically was able to not only meet “but exceed” those requirements according to MacNally. And advertising is a round the clock business, so Grove’s employees need access to their files both at work and at home. The demand to have employees working remotely will only increase over time – and this adds to the desire to have an MSP that can provide comprehensive support for all of Grove’s needs as they grow. Logically has made this a seamless transition for Grove.


Now when Will MacNally thinks about his company’s IT support, he no longer has to worry if it’s all set up and working properly. He knows Oplogic is checking it daily. Even when Grove’s server had some problems over a weekend, Logically had an experienced and capable software engineer to guide MacNally through an effortless reboot to get it back up and running so work could continue. Maintaining all the software and hardware upgrades is now an integral part of Logically’s support and MacNally has the comfort of knowing that his company’s mission critical files can easily be accessed on premises and remotely, whenever his employees need them.

“Switching from our former MSP to Logically went extremely smoothly,” adds MacNally. “Logically provides the transparency, expertise, experience and enterprise-level support that provides me with the comfort level of knowing that our IT support is in great shape.”