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Cleveland Pediatrics

About Cleveland Pediatrics

John Murphy founded Cleveland Pediatrics in 1976. The practice grew over the next 10 years with the addition of several physicians. Dr. John Murphy retired in 2007 and the practice has continued to flourish. In 2006, they expanded their practice from a single building which enabled the unique opportunity to have separate “illness” and “wellness” buildings. The doctors see children for routine checkups in the wellness building, preventing healthy children from encountering illnesses in their ‘regular’ building. Cleveland Pediatrics has four physicians and two nurse practitioners. During the winter months, the practice sees about 300 children a day so it’s imperative their medical information systems are up and running to be able to treat their patients. If downtime occurs, significant issues can affect patient care like - no access to prior treatments or medications, no access to medical history and no ability to schedule patients. The practice is paperless and doesn’t use paper medical history charts, relying solely on the Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) system.

IT Challenge

During a typical day, the physicians are constantly moving between the illness and wellness buildings so it’s critical that each doctor has continuous access to their wireless network. Doctors carry tablets from room-to-room. Cleveland Pediatrics, like many other healthcare organizations, uses an EHR system for patient visits and patient document management. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. To provide the best care, the Cleveland Pediatrics doctors need non-stop access to the wireless network so they’re able to access patients’ medical records and be aware of any allergies or other health issues.

Before partnering with Logically, Cleveland Pediatrics worked with another provider in the greater Cleveland area. The major challenge with this Managed Services Provider was not getting proper support in a timely manner, which prevented the practice from being able to help and treat their patients. Robin Davis, the Practice Administrator at Cleveland Pediatrics, experienced a problem with their phone system. The patients were cut off and not able to schedule appointments or speak with the doctors. Phone system down time is a huge issue for any medical practice and requires quick resolution. Their existing MSP didn’t have phone system expertise, so Robin contacted Logically whose technicians went above and beyond to get the systems up and running. Sean Gallagher, the Southeast Regional Vice President for Logically, responded immediately to this phone outage and remained heavily involved with the issue until it was resolved. Robin said that “The phones being down is a huge problem for a practice and Sean responded really quickly and did exactly what he promised me he would do. I didn’t have that with the other provider.”


Cleveland Pediatrics chose Logically to be their Managed Services Provider. Robin Davis previously worked with Logically at a different medical practice and knew from experience the she could trust Logically's responsiveness and technical depth. According to Robin, “switching to Logically was the best decision we ever made.

During the transition and onboarding process, Logically made several changes to their environment to ensure the best customer service. Logically upgraded several components of Cleveland Pediatrics’ network infrastructure utilizing Logically's Hardware as a Service (HaaS) program. The HaaS program takes the pain and expense of purchasing hardware and turns it into a fully managed solution. Because Cleveland Pediatrics outsources to Logically, every aspect of their hardware is covered under a pre-determined agreement, ensuring they benefit from the best on the market. Logically also provides hosting and works with their internal IT team to help proactively resolve issues before they become problems.

When Robin was searching for a new MSP, key criteria for a new partner was trust, flexibility and understanding budget constraints. Robin stated “At this stage in my life, I like to give compliments when compliments are earned. I’ve worked with the Logically team for quite some time now and it always seems like Logically cares about us as a customer. They always seem to understand our budgeting restrictions as well as our technology needs. I’ve never had an encounter with someone from Logically who doesn’t act or speak this way and I’ve never had this level of service with other providers".