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What Our New Name Says about Us and Changes in the MSP Industry

Chris Claudio

20 years ago, Winxnet was born in Portland Maine as an IT services firm.  In the years since, we never strayed from our focus on helping small and midsized businesses (SMBs) leverage technology to achieve their business goals.  That focus enabled us to grow from a small New England company to a national leader in the Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) industry. We expanded beyond the northeast, we merged with K&R Network Solutions, we relentlessly innovated our unique systems management tools, we focused on operational excellence, we built an amazing engineering and service delivery team, and we honed our commitment to do the right thing for our customers, always.

Today, for the first time in 2 decades, I am no longer the CEO of Winxnet.  Today, I am the proud CEO of the same great company, with the same great people, now called LogicallyTM.  So why the change, and what does it say about the industry and what it means for us? 

Let’s start by talking about the industry.  I’ve had the good fortune of being part of the Information Technology (IT) Industry during a transformational era some say is as significant as the industrial revolution.  IT has fundamentally changed the way business operates.  IT has enabled titanic improvements in collaboration, productivity, customer engagement, supply chain management, customer service, and overall business effectiveness.  Applications, infrastructure, services and capabilities once available only to Fortune 500 companies are now available to companies of all sizes.  The evolution of the internet, the cloud, smartphones, web services and applications have made it possible for small and midsized organizations to “level the playing field” and compete at extraordinary levels.

But while these business systems and technologies are now affordable to small and midsized organizations, access is limited by a shortage of skilled experts to design, implement and manage them. Today’s IT systems require people with skills in cloud, cybersecurity, networking, applications and data management - skills that are in short supply.  Moreover, since the range of underlying technologies has become so broad, no one person has all the skills needed.  How can organizations access the required skills?

That’s where Logically comes in. We solve this problem by providing a powerful team of IT experts that have the full range of modern skills.  Logically enables organizations to create an instant world-class IT team.  Imagine that!  Whether a company wants to outsource their entire IT team, or augment their existing IT team with skilled resources and management tools, Logically has a solution.  The breadth and depth of our expertise, coupled with our care teams that drive operational excellence, our OpLogic Intelligent MSP platformTM,  and our company values established over the past 20 years, enable us to be our customer’s trusted IT ally.

Another part of being a trusted ally is being easy to do business with.  As technology has become more complex, MSP offerings have evolved in parallel.  In our opinion, offerings across the industry have become too hard to understand and too hard to compare.  So we’re out to change that and make it simple for small and midsized organizations to evaluate and buy managed services.  We’ve done two big things to help.  First, we have rolled out a set of five managed service offerings that provide options for business leaders wanting to outsource all of their IT, and for IT leaders wanting to augment their existing teams.  Check out our interactive MSP Wizard that makes it easy to determine the solution perfect for your needs.  Additionally, we created an MSP Buyer’s Guide to help organizations evaluate managed service providers.  It’s an incredible resource that can help organization’s make better informed decisions.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  We’ve stepped into our 3rd decade in business with renewed passion for helping our customers, and a new name.  We are your trusted IT ally, Logically!