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Top 20 Blogs of 2020: Cybersecurity Checklist Part 8 – Improving Compliance in Your Organization

Suzanne Gassman

Part 1 – The Basics
Part 2 – How do you Manage?
Part 3 – Tracking Changes, Patching, and Endpoint Security
Part 4 – Identifying and Classifying Data, Encryption Strategy, Backup and Disaster Recovery
Part 5 – Securing Groups, Assigning Permissions, and Web Monitoring
Part 6 - Part 6 – Protecting the Inside of Your Network
Part 7 - Cybersecurity Checklist Part 7 – Risk Management, Security, and Metrics Reporting

Over the past few months, we’ve created a cybersecurity checklist to help you build your layered defense. As we finish out the series, we focus on improving compliance in your organization.

Security Audits – A security audit is the best way to determine if you’re compliant with regulatory standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and more. If you don’t have staff to complete an internal audit, consult with an organization that offers auditing services.

Penetration Testing – Penetration testing is a good way to simulate a real-world attack using the tools and techniques hackers employ. Conducting a penetration test allows you to discover and correct the vulnerabilities that exist in your IT infrastructure. These tests should be performed in addition to regular security assessments.

Social Engineering Testing – Do you know how well your employees put your security policies into practice? A good way to find out is to conduct a social engineering test. Security experts disguise themselves as trusted authority to gain physical access to your equipment or files, leading them to identify security issues that need improvement and document compliance shortfalls.

Logically has a full-time team of Security and Compliance experts that conduct security audits, penetration tests, and social engineering experiments.

Now that you’ve completed your cybersecurity checklist, it’s important to continue improving your security strategy. The security landscape is always changing and our defense strategies should change with it.

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