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Preparedness in the Face of Uncertainty

Liz Riley

The Leadership Team and Governance Committee at Logically has been closely monitoring fast evolving news of the COVID-19 Outbreak. Like you, we are deeply concerned about the health and wellbeing of our staff, our families, and fellow community members. 

As we all monitor the outbreak developments, we are faced with the question of “What should I be doing to prepare?” Hopefully your organization has executed some business preparedness steps before this outbreak. But if you have not, there are still actions you can take now to improve your position.

Logically has always maintained a clear and simple objective guiding our decisions before and during this crisis, and that is to keep you and our employees safe. This has been at the center of our conversations as this outbreak has evolved. With that in mind, we have implemented several initiatives to aid us in response to the evolving threat of COVID-19.

What Is Logically Doing to Prepare?

  • Monitoring Guidelines. We have been and continue to closely follow the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines and recommendations on the steps we can take to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Communicating with Staff. We have established a Virus Response Team with regular meetings and communication cadence. In these communications, we have routinely shared detailed instructions with our employees on the importance of properly washing hands, using disinfectant wipes in their work area, and requesting employees to stay home if they feel sick. We have also requested that staff returning from an area of the world identified as posing a COVID-19 related risk,  remain in voluntary self-isolation for 14 days.
  • Restricting Non-Essential Business Travel. We have suspended all non-essential business travel. The Logically Operations team will be reevaluating this suspension on March 30th. 
  • Adjusting Facility Practices. We have worked with our cleaning teams in each location to augment our nightly facility cleaning services with “high touch point” cleaning several times throughout the day, i.e. door handles, light switches and lunchrooms.    
  • Executing Business Continuity Plan.   As you are aware, our business operations allow us to work and provide support remotely. In a concerted effort to minimize the potential for exposure to both clients and our employees, we will continue to work closely with each of you to effectively utilize our remote support ability in our service to you. We respect and understand that each of you may be in different stages of business impact as a result of this virus and will work to accommodate your onsite needs in each situation, balancing the safety of all. Our team will continue to monitor this outbreak daily and provide additional communication regarding onsite support as this situation continues to evolve.
  • Creating Customer Support Teams. Requests for assistance in the setup of remote work capabilities have significantly increased. In order to thoughtfully and fully support your remote work needs, we have established a team to help you scope your remote work requests. We have a key technical team to review these requests and work with you to establish an implementation plan that balances urgency but also security and long-term technical feasibility. We want to support you in this current time of crisis, but also ensure we are acting within best practice guidelines.

What Should I Be Doing to Prepare?

  • Conduct your own Business Continuity Review. Identify your mission critical business functions and determine what they need to be able to work remotely in a secure and productive manner. This includes workstations, communication methods (Phone, Email, Chat, Conferences) and access to remote tools. Speak with your Customer Success Manager to discuss your Business Continuity Plan.
  • Vendor Management. What key vendors does your business rely on?  Make a list and communicate with them, requesting details on how they are prepared to continue to support your business as this crisis unfolds.
  • Review Equipment Needs. It is highly probable that this will impact the global supply chain. Although it may be too late to fully avoid equipment shortages, plan now for any equipment purchases you may need and work to place those as quickly, but as thoughtfully as possible.
  • New Remote Work Set Ups. We have seen a significant increase in requests for remote work implementations. The Logically team is available to help. Be aware of the security considerations that remote work demands. Work with your trusted vendor to ensure that new remote work configurations balance urgency with security of your network in consideration of long-term technical viability.
  • Exhibiting calm and confidence to your team.  There are no firm answers regarding this outbreak, and each business is navigating this new reality as best they can with the information we all have available. However, one thing is certain: we will make it through this event. In the face of this uncertainty, exhibit calm to your staff and execute thoughtful action.

In these uncertain times, Logically is committed to helping our staff, our customers and our community prepare and react in the wake of this pandemic. If you have questions about our preparedness or what you can do for your business, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.