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Microsoft Office Templates & Themes

Robbie Miles

As a 365 specialist, I like to provide updates on the services that Microsoft provides that not everyone knows about. Microsoft now offers professionally built templates that are available to download for free, for almost anything and everything you can imagine. With these templates you can utilize different variations, adjust the branding, change the color-scheme and edit to your liking.

Here are just a few of the office templates and themes you can utilize while at work: 

  • Newsletters
  • Invoices
  • Inventories
  • Schedules & Agendas
  • Itineraries & Timelines

Not only can you use these templates while at the office but there are a lot of helpful templates that you can use for personal use as well, things such as:

  • Announcements (Wedding, reception, Baby showers, graduations, etc.)
  • Address, Phone & Birthday lists
  • Weekly Appt schedules, monthly calendars
  • Emergency contact lists
  • Grocery Lists
  • Photo Albums

By utilizing these resources, you can be saving yourself hours of time instead of having to reinvent the wheel. If you have questions about how you can be better utilizing Microsoft Office 365 services, please contact our 365 experts today, we're here to help.