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The Major Security Gaps Businesses Face

Dr. Eugene Slobodzian

In the wake of the recent global ransomware attacks, Goldeneye/Petya and WannaCry, it has become clear that cybersecurity in today’s world is becoming a very complex challenge. IT infrastructure for businesses consists of employee’s desktops, PCs, Macs, servers, data centers, mobile devices and much more. The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) adds even more complication to cybersecurity, with many companies already gathering data from numerous connected devices.

As businesses struggle with growing IT complexities, they are faced with significant technology gaps when it comes to security.

Let’s examine the top four security gaps.

  1. Lack of User Awareness – Computers don’t make mistakes, people do. Periodic security awareness training is by far the most effective measure to put into place that will reduce your company’s susceptibility to attack. Most compromises (WannaCry was no exception) start with a click of a mouse, so it’s important that your business take the time to educate your employees about security.
  2. Lack of Real-Time Visibility – When dealing with hackers and cybersecurity attacks, delaying even a few minutes can be extremely costly to your organization. Immediate awareness of attacks can significantly reduce chances of becoming a victim.
  3. Lack of Clarity on Technology Environment – While many organizations have security monitoring tools that provide some level of visibility, few have the visibility into their entire technology environment. Without a clear understanding of your company’s technology environment, your business is left vulnerable.
  4. Weak Patch Management – Patch management is one area where many IT organizations struggle. With new vulnerabilities frequently surfacing, keeping up with patches can be very difficult and time consuming. A solid patch management system can help your business stay on top of security updates, scan and report vulnerabilities and help your organization know your security posture at any time. Note that both WannaCry and Petya exploited the same vulnerability that was patched by Microsoft in March.

If you do not think your current IT provider or technology department have the expertise and experience to help bridge these three security gaps, then it’s time for a serious conversation with our security experts.

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