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Logically Wins MSP 501 Digital Innovator of the Year Award for OpLogic

Jeff Loeb

For 20 years Logically has continuously innovated but never strayed from our focus on helping small and midsize businesses (SMBs) leverage technology to achieve their business goals. That focus enabled us to grow from a small New England company to a national leader in the Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) industry.

We are honored to be recognized as the MSP 501 Digital Innovator of the Year. Hosted by Channel Futures, this award recognizes the industry-leading technologies and services Logically provides to small and midsize businesses nationwide. This award not only recognizes Logically as the industry leader in digital innovation but also validates the incredible benefits of the OpLogic™ platform to our clients.

OpLogic is a cloud-based automation tool that allows your IT environment to self-heal, increasing uptime and reducing security risks. OpLogic integrates, automates, and orchestrates IT managed services provisioning and management. The development of OpLogic was driven by the reality that Information Technology is extremely complex and is increasingly difficult to manage, especially for organizations that don’t have large IT departments.

For small and midsize organizations to achieve the benefits of digital transformation, the management of IT must be simplified and automated.  A recent Logically industry survey revealed that 93% of SMBs consider IT to be business-critical. This drives the need for high uptime, rapid problem resolution and continuous system hygiene.  Additionally, Managed IT Service Providers need automation in order to scale effectively and be able to provide personalized and customized service to their customers.  OpLogic addresses all these challenges by automating daily audits of all systems and devices, ensuring data is protected and that all backups are completed successfully, ensuring all services are delivered every day as contracted, and that thousands of incidents are self-healed every month.

Here's an IT management automation checklist that will help you implement best practices.  OpLogic leads to higher uptime, reduced security risk and value realization for customers. In the past 30 days, OpLogic has self-healed over 7,000 issues. Click here to see OpLogic in action.

To learn more about OpLogic and other Logically solutions, contact us today.