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Logically Prepares for Phased Reopening

Liz Riley

Logically remains committed to the well-being of you, our employees, and our communities as the current situation evolves into the Reopening Phase. Our goal is to exercise responsibility and safety while remaining in service to our clients.

On June 1st, Logically will enter Phase 1 of our Responsible Reopen Plan. This plan takes a pragmatic and phased approach to methodically resume normal business operations as it is safe to do so. Phase 1 represents a limited and controlled reopen, which considers the continued need for social distancing, the use of PPE and discretion. During Phase 1, the following protocols will apply:

  • Logically Office Locations. Logically office locations will be open to a limited number of Logically staff identified as essential in Phase One. No outside visitors will be permitted.
  • Client Expectations. Logically staff will only be dispatched to a client site if the client confirms in writing that they are following all applicable CDC guidelines for a safe reopening and have policies in place to keep sick workers home.
  • Logically Staff. As we have throughout this pandemic, the Logically staff will provide service to our clients, remotely if possible, but onsite as necessary and deemed safe. While onsite, Logically staff will follow all appropriate state and federal guidelines regarding PPE and social distancing measures.
  • PPE. Throughout the month of June, masking will be required at all open Logically sites and Logically staff will follow necessary state or business guidelines when visiting client locations. Please communicate with us if you have enhanced or special requirements for your location.
  • Increased Cleaning and Hygiene. Logically will continue with our increased cleaning and disinfecting frequency of our office locations.

We anticipate that Phase 1 of this plan will begin on June 1st and last through July 31st, however this timeline remains fluid and dynamic. As we work our way through this plan, we will continue to communicate with clients so we can work best together. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Logically contact for guidance and support.