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Keeping Technology Healthy for Cleveland Pediatrics

Jeff Loeb

According to a recent survey, over 90% of medical practices across the country now use electronic health record systems. If downtime occurs and your practice is paperless, what will your practice do? Significant down time prevents access to prior treatments or medications, medical history and limits the ability to schedule patients.

Cleveland Pediatrics is a medical practice that is dependent on continuous access to their EHR. To provide the best care, Cleveland Pediatrics’ doctors need nonstop access to the wireless network so they’re able to access patients’ medical records and be aware of allergies or other health issues.

Cleveland Pediatrics has four physicians and two nurse practitioners. The practice sees up to 300 children a day, so it’s imperative their medical information systems are up and running to be able to treat their patients. If downtime occurs, significant issues, including no access to prior treatments or medications, no access to medical history, and no ability to schedule patients—can affect patient care.

Before partnering with Logically, Cleveland Pediatrics worked with another Managed IT Service Provider (MSP). They felt they were not getting proper support in a timely manner, which made it difficult to help and treat their patients. Robin Davis, the Practice Administrator, experienced a problem with their phone system. The patients were cut off and not able to schedule appointments or speak with the doctors. After this significant problem, Robin decided it was time to find another IT partner.

Cleveland Pediatrics chose Logically to be their Managed Services Provider because of their reputation, responsiveness and healthcare industry expertise. According to their Practice Administrator Robin Davis, “Switching to Logically was the best decision we ever made.”

During the transition and onboarding process, Logically made several enhancements to Cleveland Pediatrics’ environment, including upgrading a part of their network infrastructure to Logically’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) program. The HaaS program takes the pain and expense of purchasing hardware and turns it into a fully managed solution. Every aspect of their hardware is covered under their agreement, ensuring Cleveland Pediatrics benefits from the best on the market. Logically also provides hosting and works with Cleveland Pediatrics’ internal IT team to help proactively resolve issues before they become problems.

Logically has become a strategic asset for the Cleveland Pediatrics team. Their doctors can focus on their patients and providing the best care, while Logically handles the details of their technology.

To learn more about how Cleveland Pediatrics was able to address their IT challenges and ensure continuous access for their business critical EHR systems and IT infrastructure, check out the case study today.