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Cybersecurity Checklist Part 1

Greg Manson

Every business is a target for a cyberattack these days. It’s important to have a list of best practices to keep your environment and network secure. Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll share with you the items that should be part of your cybersecurity checklist to help you build a layered defense.

This week we focus on the most basic layer of security: Acceptable Use Policies, training, and physical security.

Security and Acceptable Use Policy – Every organization should have an Acceptable Use Policy. Acceptable Use Policies help companies regulate behaviors and activities among their employees to protect a company’s network and data. Additionally, these policies protect your employees, partners and your company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Staff Training – It’s important to conduct training with all your staff. Periodic training is helpful to ensure all users are familiar with the policies and procedures you’ve put in place to protect your network and data. Training should be documented and require signatures from every user to ensure they are compliant.

Physical Security – How is your network physically protected? If you have on-premise servers they should be in a secure location for only authorized personnel to access. Server rooms should be equipped with appropriate cooling, fire-resistant, and power mechanisms to preserve your data. If you outsource your data for management, take a tour of the data center. Find out what controls are in place to protect your data.

Next week we’ll look at how you manage access across your organization, from vendors to users. We’ll also explore the best way to respond to security-related incidents.

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