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The Challenge with Information Technology: Why Organizations Need OpLogic

Jeremy Kurth

It’s no secret Information Technology (IT) has driven one of the most significant transformations in the way the we work in the last century. IT has enabled huge improvements in collaboration, productivity, customer engagement, supply chain management, customer service, and overall effectiveness.  That’s great news for large businesses with big IT teams and budgets.  But what about the 28.8M small and midsized businesses in the US?

The problem is IT has also become too complicated.  As more and more new technologies emerge, complexity increases, and the benefits remain out of reach or challenging to attain.  Cloud, cybersecurity, virtualization, backup and disaster recovery, malware, “bring your own device” (BYOD), multi-factor authentication, wireless, SaaS, and Artificial Intelligence is just a partial list of the technologies modern businesses worry about today.  And with all this digital data organizations need to protect privacy, prevent security breaches and comply with industry and government regulations.  The alphabet soup IT standards including SEC, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST CSF and ISO 27002 is head-spinning.

So, while all businesses face the same IT challenges, small to midsized businesses are at a disadvantage. They typically aren’t afforded the resources of a large enterprise who employ massive IT teams and resources to address them thoroughly.  That’s where OpLogic comes in. OpLogic levels the playing field by automating critical IT management.

OpLogic is our industry-leading, self-healing intelligent MSP platform for small to midsize businesses that stops problems before they stop you. OpLogic is a cloud software platform available exclusively from Logically that enables IT environments to self-heal, increase uptime and reduce security risks. OpLogic serves as “mission control” to integrate, automate, and orchestrate Logically’s managed IT deliverables, ensuring unprecedented technology performance while delivering personalized service. Key benefits of OpLogic include:

  • Optimized performance with self-healing remediation
  • Reduced security and data loss risk
  • Customized IT management
  • Daily audit and reconciliation of IT service deliverables
  • Auto-provisioning of services

Today, Logically launched the Spring 2019 release of OpLogic.  To demonstrate OpLogic’s capabilities, we’ve created the OpLogic-in-action webpage to provide real-time insight and transparency into key IT service management metrics including:

  • Self-healed incidents
  • Patches deployed
  • Back-ups
  • Security scans
  • Viruses prevented
  • System audits
  • Services verified

In the past 30 days, OpLogic has self-healed over 9,000 incidents and validated over 420,000 backups.  OpLogic is a big part of how we are fulfilling our mission to enable small to midsized organizations to achieve their business objectives through information technology.