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10 Myths About Moving to the Cloud

Emily Cianchette

According to a recent study, there are three key reasons small and midsize businesses consider moving to the cloud: cost savings, improved security, and easy access to documents and applications from multiple locations. For many organizations, Microsoft Office 365 is a straightforward first step in moving applications to hosted solutions. Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization’s needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity. 

When considering a move to the cloud with Office 365, you may discover inconsistencies in your research. There’s a lot of conflicting information available on the internet about what the cloud can offer organizations, and how difficult the transition to implement the cloud can be. With many contradictory claims, you might not have access to accurate information about moving to the cloud, and whether it’s the right decision for your business.  

To help in your migration to the cloud, Microsoft has created a myth-busting guide for all things Office 365. This guide debunks many myths about moving to the cloud, including: 

  • You have to move everything to the cloud: Many organizations believe a cloud-first strategy is the only way forward. The reality is that moving every single IT asset to the cloud might not always make business, regulatory or technical sense. 

  • Keeping data on-premises is safer than in the cloud: With the right end to end security architecture, the cloud can be as secure as on-premises data centers, if not more in some cases. 

  • If our data moves to the cloud, we will no longer have control over our technology: You’ll still have control of your technology, and your team will spend less time on constant updates and more time on creating better business efficiencies and launching innovative campaigns.  

  • Cloud migration is too much for my organization to handle: With limited time and resources, it’s not surprising to learn this is a key reason why organizations hesitate to move to the cloud. However, you don’t have to make the move alone.  

With Logically, your path to the cloud has never been easier. When considering whether to use the cloud to power your organization, you need to know the facts. Download our guide 10 Myths About Moving to the Cloud to learn how cloud adoption with Office 365 can help your business.