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Customer Success Manager

Maine Office: Portland

Are you a positive, hard-working, energetic and motivated professional with a passion for building relationships with customers, prospects and colleagues? Are you driven? Are you known for your integrity... for always doing the right thing?

Are you curious, coachable, and passionate about learning? Are you interested in technology and business? Do you seek an environment where you will be rewarded for exceeding both corporate performance goals as well as customer success and satisfaction goals Portland, Maine office.

Who We Are:

Logically is a rapidly growing IT outsourcing and consulting firm with offices in New England, Tennessee, Nevada, North Carolina, and Southern California. We work with corporations, healthcare organizations, non-profits and public sector entities of all sizes. We believe that providing IT services is about more than just keeping information secure and systems and devices operational. Our business is based on establishing relationships with our clients, understanding the challenges and then helping them achieve their business goals through leveraging technology.

We Innovate and Inspire. Since 1999, we have been driven by the principles of integrity, innovation and excellence. We constantly aspire for greatness and as a result consistently innovate in partnerships with our clients to produce extraordinary results.

Transforming the Delivery and Management of IT. Technology can be a powerful enabler that, when done right, allows organizations to rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively achieve their business objectives and realize their potential. By working together with clients that share this perspective, IT initiatives bring substantially more value to the organization in the form of:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Lower risk
  • Greater ROI on technology initiatives
  • Leveraging technology to achieve strategic business objectives

This transformation doesn't happen by chance or simply by changing the way one thinks about IT. It is driven by:

  • A fundamental change in the approach to IT, which focuses on understanding our client's business first and aligning our recommendations to achieve strategic objectives
  • A process focus - apply mature, proven processes to produce measurable results
  • The best technology to address the need - letting needs of clients drive technology decisions
  • Great people - dedicated to doing what's right for clients, certified professionals that go above and beyond with a focus on listening first, then communicating; a committed team of experts in their technologies who genuinely care about the clients they service

The team stands apart by remaining dedicated to a client-centered philosophy based on our core values:

  • Positive - Everything we do we do with a positive, supportive and "can-do" attitude
  • Hard-Working - We're committed to what we do and aim to exceed our customers' expectations.
  • Team Players - We provide unequaled service levels to our customers, able to go outside the scope of our role for the greater good of our partners.
  • Customer Centric - We make our customers the top priority every day, with a work ethic to match that enthusiasm
  • Nimble - We are constantly learning and adapting with the changing technology world around us.
  • Always Committed to Doing the Right Thing - Above all, we operate with integrity and will do what's morally right.

Who We Are Looking For:

We have an immediate opening for a Customer Success Manager for our Portland, Maine office. This is a key sales role working on a team of professionals to drive growth and customer success within our base of current customers. We need someone who understands that serving others will make them the most successful. We believe in and invest in their people, and we want people who, in return, believe in and invest in us. If you're a people person, love technology & business and are looking to become part of a dynamic team then keep reading!

In this role your primary duty will be to establish Trusted-Advisor relationships with our customers, to understand their corporate and business objectives, and to lead them to leverage technology fully to achieve their goals. The position has elements of both sales (including outbound calling) of new products and services into our current customer base and client support, to assure our customers are elated with our partnership in every regard. In this role you will be calling on and working with top company leadership and operations staff - from the CEO to the IT support people. Using your knowledge, interpersonal skills, energy and great personality you will build trusted advisor relationships with these people, discuss challenges in their organization, and introduce solutions that will make their lives easier. This role requires a highly intelligent self-motivated individual with a positive attitude, a ton of good energy, strong organization skills, and urgency to make things happen. Our customers span a variety of industries including healthcare, municipalities, manufacturing and the non-profit sector. A successful candidate will be:

  • Organized... You will be managing a LOT of relationships and activities... too many to store in your head. You will need to be organized, process oriented, and committed to maintaining impeccable records in our customer management systems.
  • Able to Multi-task... You'll be busy, always, and will need to operate with whatever information is on hand and do your best to get things done. If you like to drive action and activity, this is the right job for you. Responsiveness is critical to maintaining the trust and loyalty of our customers - and sometimes they all need you at once.
  • Curious, Intelligent and Passionate about Learning... This is a continuous learning job. You will always be learning about technology, business and finance. The deeper your understanding about the interdependencies between these worlds, the more valuable you are to your customers and to us.
  • Proactive... This job requires a driver. Someone who reaches out and initiates the conversations. In our world, Customer Success Management is a leadership role that drives our business... it is never passive.
  • Positive... A positive attitude and a willingness to serve others is key. Your role is a point guard role on a team of supporters striving to get the job done with you. Your positive leadership style is critical to success.
  • Attentive... You will need to have incredible listening skills, the ability to tune into the conversation your counterpart is willing to have, and a healthy dose of humility and humor to pull this off.
  • An Excellent Communicator... Spoken and written communications skills are tremendously important in this role. You will need to be an excellent communicator and a leader to work effectively in this role.
  • Humble and Customer Centered... Ability to work with others inclusively, to exude an attitude of interest and service, and to focus and center upon our customer's objectives and how we can help them succeed.

What We Offer:

  • Personal Growth and Career Advancement - This is not a dead-end job... You will always be learning, and if you work hard and learn fast there are abundant opportunities for advancement. Your growth is our growth.
  • Opportunity to Succeed - We don't have time to think small. We are hiring the best people and building strong teams. If you are a team player, you can succeed here.
  • A Customer-Centric Philosophy - Our customers are diverse - they have unique needs and we work hard to serve their specific situations, innovating new solutions to make things easier, faster, better and more cost-effective. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.
  • Ability to be a Pioneer - Our growth is leading us into new cities, new services, and new ways to help companies - Innovation for us is based on the possible; not the probable. You will be presented with opportunities to contribute and create new ideas.
  • Fun and Hard-Working Environment - We feel good looking upon our accomplishments at the end of the day.
  • World Class Tools - We practice what we preach and use world-class technology to support our own growth and business objectives.
  • Support - You are part of a team that cares about you personally and professionally.
  • Benefits, Vacation, Etc. - Of course, we offer all the standard benefits as well.


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